Marine Surveys

EMS provides a broad range of comprehensive Cargo and Marine surveys to our clients. We are proud to offer our cost-effective and efficient survey services to the maritime industry.The various types of surveys that are conducted include:


Cargo Surveys

  • Pre-Loading and Discharge surveys.
  • Cargo Lashing/Securing supervision.
  • Project, Heavy and Oversized Cargo survey.
  • Containerised and Refrigerated Cargoes survey.
  • Cargo contamination survey.
  • Container stuffing/Lashing survey.
  • Cargo Claim survey.
  • Cargo Seaworthiness survey.
  • Cargo Quantity survey.
  • Cargo Quality survey.


Cargo Hold Surveys

  • Pre-Loading cleanliness.
  • Cargo-hold condition to load intended cargo.


Bunker Survey

  • On hire/ Off-hire purposes.
  • Bunker Detective survey.


Condition Survey: 

  • On hire/ Off-hire condition to Charter.