Detention due to Port State Control or Flag State Control inspection can be very costly when considering lost time, demurrage, repair, and loss of charters and overall efficiency of the ship. This will adversely affect the reputation of the Ship’s crew, Owner, Operator and as a business. The good news is that this can be easily avoided by providing proper guidance and support to the ship staff.


EMS is pleased to offer various types of inspection services to the maritime industry through the service of our staff. Our maritime compliance professionals are well experienced in all the latest international (IMO) and national regulatory requirements including the requirements of international oil majors (OCIMF, SIRE, CDI etc.) who can carry out similar types of inspections and identify and rectify the non-conformances. Hence, mitigating the potential issues and reducing the detentions as well as increasing the performance and compliance of the vessel. The inspections conducted include: 

  • Flag State’s Annual/Pre-Entry Inspections.
  • Pre-Port State Control (Pre-PSC) Inspections.
  • Pre-Vetting (CDI, OCIMF, SIRE based) Inspections.
  • Pre-Chartering Safety and Condition Inspections to assess the present status of the vessel.
  • Pre-Berthing Terminal Safety Inspections.
  • Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Inspections to assess the present condition of the vessel.
  • Cargo Gear Inspections to meet requirements of AMSA’s Marine Order Part 32.